Burn and Burn related Deformity: We are providing emergency Burn management as well as treatment of various complications caused by burn. Different burn contractures are also treated here.

Trauma Reconstruction : Emergency medical services are provided to all the injured in the accident.All trauma and soft tissue loss is managed by this clinic also Replatation of finger and Limb is done here.

Oncoplastic Surgery: We are treating cancer patients as well as reconstruction following cancer surgery.

Breast Surgery: We are providing Beast Cancer Surgery and Post Surgery breast Reconstruction. Moreover, we offer breastaugmentation and breast reduction.

Hand and Limb Surgery: All hand and foot problems, birth defects, severed hands / fingers, tendon, nerve reconstruction, functionalmuscle transfer etc. . Trauma Reconstruction Department: Emergency medical services are provided to all the injured in the accidentand if any deformity occurs later, it is surgically rectified.

Microsurgery: Under this department, micro-vascular anastomosis is used to cut tissue from one part of the body and reconstruct it to another place and restore the body that was separated from the body due to accident.

Comprehensive cleft care: Congenital Craniofacial defects are surgically corrected here. Not only surgical care this comprehensivecleft care center provides counseling, speech therapy, orthodontic care, psychological supports to the patient and their parents.